Κυριακή, 16 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Angel’s peak white

Angel’s peak white
Angel’s peak white

Tatsis Winery

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This white wine comes from the successful combination of the worldknwon Chardonnay with the Malagousia. Two varieties of different origin and temperament become wines separately and mix up after their short pass from new oak barrels.
The result is an especially pleasant taste wine with an open amber colour. Unobtrusive aroma of citrus trees and ripe fruit combine harmonically with the vanilla and the caramel coming from the oak barrel. The first impression inside the mouth is sweet and warm. To the taste dominate the aromas of the ripe pineapple, melon and pear. The high acidity is always in harmony with the high alcohol, giving nerve and vivacity.
The perfect balance is accompanied by a taste which remains after leaving in the end the aromas of the caramel and hazel-nut of the oak barrel.
From 1998 the vineyards are being cultivated according to the rules of organic farming.